Technical Assistance for Contract Management and Legal Advisory Services


Civil Design Solutions (CDS) was contracted by the National Authorising Officer (NAO) of the European Development Fund (EDF) to provide technical expertise to the Government of Mozambique, ANE and the NAO to achieve the successful conclusion of the Milange Mocuba road improvement project and the rural road works to be implemented under the 11th EDF.

The specific objective of the contract is to provide ANE and the NAO with sufficient capacity and expertise in contract management, amicable settlements and conciliation processes of claims and legal support services for:

  • the responsive and accurate management of the EU-funded Milange – Mocuba Phase II project.
  • procurement of services and works contracts for the “Rural Development through Improved Rural Transport” – PROMOVE TRANSPORTE programme being funded under the 11th EDF including verification of road works design, accuracy of tender documentation, and works contract tendering.

 The project objectives are achieved through the input of two long-term experts based in ANE supported by short-term experts deployed by CDS.