Economic Growth Through Effective Road Asset Management


The objective of this research project, known as GEM, is to assist participating rural roads agencies to improve their performance in road asset management. The project started in 2016 and will end in 2019. It is funded by DFID under the Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP). Activities include:

  • Development of indicators of asset management performance based on the building blocks of the Road Preservation Pyramid and valuation of road assets through condition assessments.
  • Assist participEncourage improved accountability in roads sector agencies for road asset management through performance self-assessments and a peer review process.ating agencies to conduct data collection, compare with the baseline, and to analyse and report the results.
  • Encouraging improved accountability of road sector agencies in road asset management performance through assessments and a peer review process.
  • Collection of social and economic data in rural communities linking rural livelihoods with road maintenance.
  • Assessment of financing constraints in the rural road sector.
  • Pilot communications activities as part of an overarching approach to road asset management.
  • Preparation of protocols and guidelines for rural road asset management
  • Dissemination of project outputs, research tools and lessons learned, including roll-out of project to other countries.