Technical Audit of Various Roads in Zambia financed by National Road Fund Agency



On site in Zambia

CDS Auditor on site in Zambia

CDS, in  association with Scott Wilson Piesold Zambia Ltd and Scott Wilson Mozambique, undertook technical audits for the Zambia National Road Fund Agency between May and August 2014. The overall objective of the technical audit was to verify that the resources disseminated by the NRFA on the selected projects were used efficiently, transparently and economically in accordance with the standards and sound professional practice. The audit team was required to examine and analyze in detail the road design, construction methods, contract management practices and quality of works and materials, and determine distresses if any and their causes.

Field investigations included visual condition surveys, DCP testing on existing pavements, and sampling/testing of borrow pits material that were used for the construction works.