Final Evaluation of the N14 Road (Marrupa-Ruace) in Mozambique




CDS Team on Site in Niassa

The N14 road links the port of Pemba to Lichinga in northern Mozambique, a total distance of 732km. The road is being progressively upgraded to paved standard in response to demand and with the availability of funds. The section of the road that was the subject of this study is from Marrupa to Ruace in Niassa Province, a distance of 67 km. It was constructed to two lane paved standard between 2011 and 2014. The works were funded jointly by the Government of Mozambique and Sweden.

CDS was contracted by the Swedish Embassy in Maputo to undertake a final review of the project. The objective of the assignment was to undertake a review of all key aspects of the construction project from commencement to completion. The study recorded what was actually constructed, and noted any departures from the design, difficulties encountered during construction, the final costs and proportional contributions from the funding partners. The data collected provides a baseline for future monitoring of the performance of the road.

CDS inputs included:

  • Review of the Project Completion Report and associated documentation.
  • Identify ten locations equally spaced along the road and
    • Measure the depressions/rut depth in the road surface observed under a 3 metre straight edge
    • Measure the thickness of the pavement layers by excavating at the edge of the road.
    • Measure the cross section of the road
  • Carry out limited non-destructive testing of the concrete on the bridge structures.
  • Compare the as-built information on the specification of materials used in the pavement construction with the design requirements.
  • Conduct a visual survey of the full length of the road, recording any incidences of failure or signs of distress in the pavement, surfacing or drainage system.
  • Assess the riding quality of the surface of the road.
  • Prepare a draft report of findings for submission to the Roads Authority (ANE) and the Swedish Embassy.